Our growth continues with a new office location in Barcelona.

Following the recent launch of our recycled resins division, we are pleased to release the news of our move into Southern Europe, appointing Alex Moreno March as the business development lead.

Alex boasts an impressive career in the plastics and plastic recycling industry and is relishing his new challenge of kicking off the Barcelona-based operation.

In previous roles, he has been instrumental in expanding commercial activity in North America, Canada and across Europe, focusing on the sales of flexible PVC, PE, PP, rPE and rPP. He has played a crucial role in the development of sustainability and circular economy initiatives and the evolution of environmental social governance.

Alex also spent time as Chair of the Technology and Equipment Subcommittee of the North American Plastic Association’s Plastics Recycling Committee, and held an advisory position within Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Alex comments, “I’m thrilled to join Vanden in its global expansion, to be able to better server and expand the Plastic Recycling Industry in order to achieve a true global Circularity in Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.

“Our commitment to operating in the most ethical, transparent and responsible manner will mean that we are well-placed to provide manufacturers and converters in Southern Europe with consistent supply of high-quality feedstock in markets that haven’t been known previously for being consistent.

“We know that working with scrap plastic can be complicated – but the level of technical and market knowledge, experience, supply source validation and research within Vanden means that we can guide our customers through their journey.

“By strengthening our presence in Southern Europe, recyclers and compounders in the region will be able to take benefit from Vanden’s access to material supply through its global footprint.”

Alex will also be focussing on connecting recyclers with Vanden’s new Recycled Resin division, who have quickly gained a reputation for providing a consistent high-volume supply of quality recycled resins to manufacturers of flexible packaging

 The expertise within our team means the new division will also provide technical assessments, supply source validation and technical advice advisory in recycled resins and feedstock.

Damien van Leuven, CEO of Vanden Global speaks of his confidence in Alex and Vanden’s new heightened presence in Southern Europe.

“We’ve been doing regular business for a number of years in the region and we’re really proud to finally set up a permanent base to serve our clients on a deeper level.

Alex has as much drive and determination to build the business as we do and I have great confidence he’ll deliver value to our clients in a way we were previously not able to do from a distance.”

For more information on Vanden’s new location and plastic recycling services in Southern Europe, please contact Alex Moreno March on a.march@vandenrecycling.com or using the form on our contact us page.

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