• Our Company

    Vanden Global is a dynamic international waste management company supporting waste generators with a primary focus on plastics.

    Our company is built on our brand promise of Reliable Responsible Recycling.

    Since our inception in 2005 we have gained a reputation for excellence and dedication in the industry. We are fully licensed and compliant for all major standards in Europe and Asia.

    China Scrap Plastic Association
  • Our Difference

    Our difference lies in the combination of our presence and network in
    Europe, Asia, and Australia, and our product knowledge and commitment to
    responsibility and reliability in delivering excellence in recycling.

    Global Presence

    With offices in Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the UK, our worldwide network enables us to undertake projects no one else can. With a diverse product range and a strong network of reprocessors in Asia, we provide stable outlets for waste in all market conditions.

    Product Knowledge and Service Quality

    Being primarily focused on plastics, we have comprehensive knowledge of waste materials. We help you to properly categorise your waste and ensure maximum market value.
    At the same time Vanden Global always seeks to find solutions to recycle your waste product for the highest functional use.

    Competitive Pricing

    Owing to the international nature of our business we are able to buy waste and provide outlets in all market conditions. We strive to provide maximum value for our products and offer a competitive pricing structure.

    Regulatory Compliance

    With many years of experience in our tightly regulated industry, we keep ahead of regulatory changes and navigate all compliance issues smoothly in Europe and Asia. Our licenses and certifications cover both ends of the supply chain.

    Value-Added Service

    With some of the most dedicated consultants in the industry, we advise our clients on:
    Increasing the value and marketability of their product
    Provision of equipment (including shredders, balers,
    and granulators)
    Current market conditions and forecasts
    Vanden Global provides customised service for each client's individual needs.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to make Vanden Global the first name in recycled materials trading.

    We purchase waste – with a primary focus on plastics – at competitive prices and can assure providers that it will be responsibly handled in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

    Through our expert product and market knowledge, we provide a highly professional service ensuring a reliable outlet and consistent quality.

    Our Values


    We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer service.
    Customised logistical solutions
    Customised plans to help achieve maximum value
    for your waste


    We strive to meet our customers’ expectation for secure, efficient handling of product whilst maintaining consistent quality and timely delivery
    • On-time collection
    • Prompt payment
    • Purchasing in all market conditions

    Environmental Responsibility

    In a world where energy consumption and resource availability are matters of increasing global concern, we are constantly aware that our business is helping to contribute to a lower-energy green future based on reuse of resources. Indeed, responsibility towards the environment is at the heart of our business. We care for the environmental impacts of our activities, and we align ourselves with others working towards the same goals.

    Vanden Global proudly supports the Ocean Recovery Alliance and their efforts to clean up the oceans of plastic waste.
    Ocean Recovery Alliance PDP Plastic Disclosure Project
  • Our Licences and Certifications

    Regulatory requirements are continually developing, and our compliance team ensures we remain at the forefront of these developments.

    It is essential that we comply with all applicable environmental and other regulations within our industry.

    Vanden Global and its subsidiaries, as reputable operators in this field, hold a number of
    licenses authorising us to deal in various types of waste for different markets. They include:
    Certified Brokers of Controlled Waste in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    Accredited Exporters of Plastics Packaging Waste and Approved Exporters of WEEE throughout the UK.
    Republic of Ireland – Registered Broker
    ISO 9001 – BV certificate for trading of renewable resources
    (AQSIQ) People’s Republic of China – registered as Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials
    VG Recycling Finland – Accredited exporter of plastic waste
    VG Recycling Finland – Accredited exporter or CRT
    Vanden Recycling Australia – Accredited exporter



    Vanden Global will participate in the 16th China Plastics Recycling Conference & Exhibition this year. 
    Please join us at booth C-01
    Venue: Xiamen Xianglu Grand Hotel
    Time: 3rd - 4th November, 2016
    The Theme of this year is forecasting the trend of the industry in the coming year, and how to cope with the changes ahead.

  • Our Services

    Our professional team of purchasers are on hand to consult on your product range and help to achieve maximum value for it. With a diverse range of markets worldwide we offer competitive pricing all year round.

    Our specialist knowledge of plastics and their recycling applications makes Vanden Global the perfect partner to meet your needs.
    Tailored collection plans for all types of recyclable waste are available from Vanden Recycling Australia, VG Recycling Finland and Vanden Recycling UK.

    What do we do?
    Our local purchasing teams personally visit and consult with every company and site to ensure they understand our customers’ needs clearly. Collecting information on material source, taking photographs and samples are key to providing maximum product value.
    Logistics solutions are provided by each office to ensure you have a local contact that can tailor collections to your needs.
    Once your material arrives at destination our Asian and European teams are on hand to make sure material is recycled to its highest functional use and provide accurate feedback on recovery rates and recommendations for improvement.

    We can not only collect your waste, but also consult on and help implement the following:
    Source separation
    Secure destruction
    Processing methods
    Presentation and packaging of goods ready to take to market

    Our reliable service includes administrative support and assures you of timely payment.
  • Our Markets

    The Vanden Global Group of Companies
    has a truly global presence:

    Vanden Global HK – The Americas, Europe, Africa

    Vanden Recycling – UK, Ireland

    VG Recycling Finland – Scandinavia and the Baltics
    (covering Northern Europe)

    Vanden Recycling Australia – Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

    Vanden Global Malaysia – South East Asia

    We are always seeking new sources of good quality recyclable waste, and all enquiries are welcome.
  • Our Products

    Vanden Global is able to handle a wide range
    of plastics including Post-Production,
    Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer.

    We can handle any volume of materials from a one-off split container load to regular large-scale collections.

    - ABS
    - BOPP
    - EPS
    - EVA
    - EVOH
    - HDPE
    - LDPE
    - PA
    - PBT
    - PC
    - PC/ABS
    - PE/PA
    - PE/PET
    - PET
    - PMMA
    - POM
    - PP
    - PS
    - PVC
    - SAN
    - WEEE / E-Scrap
  • For Our Customers

    Consistent quality and stable supply is our
    promise to you.

    The Vanden Group of Companies’ quality control systems are used by all our overseas offices and staff to help bring you the best quality each time every time.

    Please contact us today to find out more about our unique service and diverse range of products.


    “Vanden Global fosters industry development,
    promotes industry cooperation, and are
    working to achieve a greener future in the
    recycling industry”


    China Scrap Plastic Association
  • Vanden Global (Hong Kong)

    Serving as group headquarters, the Hong Kong office plays a major role in all
    facets of the Vanden Global business. Purchase Management, Greater China
    Sales Distribution and Global Logistics Solutions form the key services
    provided by the experienced HK team. Directly servicing markets in
    The Americas, Europe and Africa as well as support for our global offices
    gives our team rare access to the latest market information and trends.

    For more information on the services we can provide,
    please contact our team below.

    Vanden Global Ltd
    Room 601, Charm Centre,
    700 Castle Peak Road,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel: +852 3520 4692
    Fax: +852 3527 0512
    Email: info@vandenrecycling.com

    Damien van Leuven – Director
    Mob: +852 67510320

    Accounts – admin@vandenrecycling.com
    Logistics – hkshipping@vandenrecycling.com
    Sales – hksalesteam@vandenrecycling.com

  • Vanden Global (Malaysia)

    Our Kuala Lumpur office was established in 2012 to better serve our customers
    throughout South East Asia. With language capabilities covering English, Mandarin,
    Cantonese, Hakka, Bahasa and Vietnamese our Malaysian team are ready to handle
    enquiries from across the region.

    The specialized requirements of reprocessors in this region ensure our team
    tailors a dedicated procurement plan to suit each customer’s individual needs.
    Whether you require Plastic Scrap, Resins or specialized Compounds we can find
    the solution for you. See below to contact our team now:

    Vanden Global Ltd
    Unit C-10-7 Wisma Goshen
    Plaza Pantai
    Jalan 4/83A
    59200 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +60 (0) 32282 8892

    John Carapetis – Director
    Mob: +60 (0) 193249835 (Malaysia) or +852 9843 5768 (HK)

    Sales (Malaysia) – mysales@vandenrecycling.com
    Sales (South East Asia) – seasiasales@vandenrecycling.com

  • Vanden Recycling (UK)

    Vanden Recycling Ltd is our UK-based subsidiary. The company maintains
    relationships with a diverse network of waste suppliers in the UK and Ireland,
    in three main categories:

      Waste generators, such as factories using plastics in manufacturing,
    supermarkets and distribution centres
      Waste management companies
      Specialist recyclers, e.g. ‘ELV’ and WEEE reprocessors, granulators and extruders

    Vanden Recycling is purchasing plastic throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland and in close cooperation with our European and Asian offices we export directly to final reprocessors. We can provide solutions for a variety of plastics from Factory, Retail & Industrial waste all the way through to Agricultural and Post Consumer materials.

    We are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements – for more information please see here.

    Vanden Recycling Ltd (Head Office)
    Unit 11A, Blaris Industrial Estate
    Altona Road, Lisburn, BT27 5QB
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0) 28 9266 8009
    Fax: +44 (0) 28 9260 2807
    Email: uk@vandenrecycling.com

    David Wilson – Commercial Manager
    Mob: +44 (0) 7585 979 412

    Andrew Tarling – Business Development (West & South West)
    Mob: +44 (0) 7921 390 878

    James Dunne – Business Development - North
    Mob: +44 (0) 7702 682 596

    Mike Connors – Business Development – East
    Mob: +44 (0) 7834 580726

    Edwin Carolan – Business Development – Ireland
    UK Mob: +44 (0) 7921 803 564
    Ireland Mob: +353 (0) 86 794 8545

    Carol Crumlin – Logistics and Administration
    Direct: +44 (0) 28 9266 8009

    Donna Adams – Accounts
    Direct: +44 (0) 28 9266 8009

    Diana Evans – Management Accountant
    Direct: +44 (0) 28 9266 8009

  • VG Recycling (Finland)

    VG Recycling is responsible for all trading operations in Scandinavia and The Baltics.

    VG is fully compliant with export requirements in Finland, and is one of the few companies accredited by Finland’s Environmental Agency to export hazardous CRT glass.

    VG Recycling has built a solid reputation as a quality waste consultant, and has established itself as a reliable purchaser and supplier of plastics to reprocessors in the region.

    Our main goal is to create happy customers and a healthy environment. By mapping our customers’ needs we are able to provide exceptional service to our partners.

    VG Recycling Ltd
    Temppelikatu 1
    11100 Riihimäki, Finland
    Tel: +358 (0) 1953 71023
    Email: reko@vandenrecycling.com

    Reko Nieminen – Commercial Manager
    Mob: +358 (0) 4057 07951

    VG-Recyclingin vastuualueena on kaupankäynti Skandinaviassa sekä Baltiassa.

    Täytämme kaikki muovin vientiä koskevat vaatimukset Suomessa ja olemme yksi harvoista vaarallisen CRT-Lasin vientiin hyväksytyistä toimijoista.

    VG-Recycling on rakentanut vankan maineen laadukkaana jätekonsulttina. Olemme vakiinnuttaneet asemamme luotettavana muovin ostajana ja toimittajana.

    Päämääränämme on luoda tyytyväinen saiakas ja terveellinen ympäristö. Kartoittamalla yhteistyökumppanimme tarpeet, pystymme tarjoamaan erinomaista palvelua.

    VG Recycling Ltd
    Temppelikatu 1
    11100 Riihimäki, Finland
    Tel: +358 (0) 1953 71023
    Email: reko@vandenrecycling.com

    Reko Nieminen – Commercial Manager
    Mob: +358 (0) 4057 07951

  • Vanden Recycling (Australia)

    Vanden Recycling Australia is our newest subsidiary, set up to better serve our clients in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

    Currently operating as a trading office to procure plastic for our Asian customers; we expect this operation to expand to collection/ reprocessing in the near future.

    Whether you are a waste generator, waste manager or plastic recycler please don’t hesitate to contact Simon to discuss how we can help maximise the value of your waste.

    Vanden Recycling
    32 Plummer Road,
    Laverton North, Victoria 3026,
    Tel: +61 (0) 3 9318 9111

    Simon van Leuven – Commercial Manager
    Mob: +61 (0) 448 666 692

  • Vanden Global (Taiwan)

    Vanden Global has become one of the largest domestic suppliers of plastic scrap since opening its facility in 2013. Our expert team, provides consultation on material processing, working closely with local suppliers to produce Regrinds and Resins for export to our customers in China and South East Asia.

    Vanden Global Taiwan Branch
    10F., No.203, Zhonghua 1st Road, Gushan District,
    Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Tel: +886-7-5501060 / 5501260
    Email: twsales@vandenrecycling.com

  • Careers

    As a growing company, we are constantly
    seeking new talent to assist in our
    expanding business.

    Suitable candidates with good communication skills and the right attitude can expect a positive working environment, excellent career prospects with potential for learning and growth, and a good salary.

    If you are interested in working in this field, committed to providing excellent customer service, and have appropriate skills or knowledge in plastics, recycling, or other relevant competencies, please send us your CV at hr@vandenrecycling.com