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Operating since 2005, we have developed into one of the fastest growing plastic recycling companies in the world. Moving over 60,000MT per year, with multiple locations across the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and Asia, and a technical material testing lab in Turkey, we have gained a reputation for being a reliable, efficient and transparent plastic recycling business.  

Our commitment to treating plastic scrap as a valuable commodity means we are well-aligned with the dedicated sorting processes often deployed in Germany. Ensuring that high-value plastic scrap is entered back into the supply chain. 

Local presence in plastic markets across Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain coupled with a global footprint means we can stay one step ahead. We have access to a wide range of end markets, and dedicated logistics teams that keep plastic scrap and feedstock moving quickly, all around the world. From end of waste material to recycled resins – we can move it all.  

Our Process

Our process always begins with material inspection.  

We know that material identification is critical, that’s why our technically minded global sales teams are highly trained and experienced, equipped with field material identification kits and direct access to material testing facilities that ensure you achieve the right price for your material.  

Samples of material is gathered to be sent to our lab, and detailed photos of material are taken. Armed with thorough information, test results and a comprehensive view of the current markets, the team set about agreeing prices and collection requirements with customers, while also matching suppliers and buyers on a worldwide scale, providing material that matches production requirements and capabilities. 

From transparency over material source, detailed photos of materials and loads, to sampling material to identify and impurities or contamination, our team are committed to providing the information that matters.  


We provide accurate and detailed documentation from start to finish. Our local experts work with our experienced global logistics teams to assist customers in completing country-specific documentation that is 100% compliant, giving you transparency and confidence.  

Plastic Recycling Services in Germany

We buy and sell over 100 grades of plastic, working with waste managers, plastic manufacturers and converters and recycling businesses across Italy and all over the world.  

Our strict processes and commitment to transparency means that our customers are safe in the knowledge that their material re-enters the supply chain, and is not illegally dumped, burned, or sent to landfill.  

You can view the full list of plastic scrap we trade in, on our buy and sell plastic page, below you will find the most common material that we trade in Germany.  

Plastic grades we Supply

  • LDPE film rolls 
  • LDPE resin bags 
  • PP film rolls 
  • PC 
  • PC injection regrind 
  • ABS 
  • HDPE cans 
  • PA 
  • POM 
  • PS 
  • PMMA
  • PET lumps 
  • PET bottles 
  • HDPE cans 
  • EPS bricks 


Our team in Germany


Our partnership starts here. Tell us a little about you and your requirements. 

It’s standard procedure for us to only collect material when the minimum volume is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.

We work with businesses to help them get true value from plastic scrap. If you are a consumer, looking for plastic recycling options, we recommend you speak with your local council.

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