Connecting plastic manufacturers, compounders and recyclers in southern Europe with global markets. 

We know that working with recycled plastic can be complicated. Our experienced team have the technical and market knowledge that allows Vanden to consistently supply the high-quality feedstock suited to your unique applications. 

Since 2005 we have gained a reputation for being an honest, transparent, and responsible recycler of plastic material. Our strict processes provide us, and our customers, full transparency and visibility of the trade and recycling process – making us one of the most trusted plastic recycling companies in Europe, and across the globe, connecting worldwide supply and demand. 

Vanden’s global footprint means that we can stay one step ahead – we have access to a wide range of end markets and can pull supply from over 20 countries from our operating bases in the UK, UAE, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Turkey, Hong Kong and Australia.  

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How can Vanden help?

By 2023, the goal recycling rate for plastic packaging waste is 55%. Whether you are procuring recycled resin, plastic regrind or scrap material – Vanden can help.  

Our Spanish team are well-placed to work with recyclers, manufacturers, converters and compounders across Spain, Italy, Portugal and Southern France. We can also offer guidance and best-practice advice when it comes to strategies for the recovery, sorting and processing of plastic scrap to ensure our customers can secure the highest value from our material. We are passionate about building sustainable supply chains and diverting plastic scrap from landfill. 

Our strict quality processes means that we inspect and know the type of material we are dealing with. This means we can offer our customers reliability and consistency quality.  

Learn more about our global team: Meet the Team 


What plastics do we deal in?

We trade in over 100 grades of scrap plastic, including: 

  • PET Bottles, Preforms, Strapping, Trays & Purge 
  • PP Bags, Buckets, Corex, Crates, Injection, Non-Woven Pots, PTT & Trays 
  • LDPE Film & Lumps 
  • HDPE Bottles, Bins, Cans/Drums, Crates, Film, IBC, Injection & Extrusion Grades 
  • ABS, EPS, PA, PC, PMMA, PS & more 

 To see the full list of materials we trade in, visit our Buy and Sell Plastic page.  

Please note that the minimum volume of material that we will collect is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.  

If this volume is produced by your business, please contact the team to learn more about working with Vanden. 


Working with plastic packaging teams in southern Europe 

Our Barcelona-based team work closely alongside our recycled resins division, connecting converters and manufacturers with an extensive range of high-quality resins derived from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.  

We can supply: 

  • Recycled HDPE resin 
  • Recycled LDPE and LLDPE resin 
  • Recycled PET flakes 

We work with flexible & rigid packaging manufacturers to provide consistent and secure supply of recycled resins. 

Learn more about this division: Recycled Resins. 


Contact the team:

Francisco Riccheri



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Our partnership starts here. Tell us a little about you and your requirements. 

It’s standard procedure for us to only collect material when the minimum volume is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.

We work with businesses to help them get true value from plastic scrap. If you are a consumer, looking for plastic recycling options, we recommend you speak with your local council.

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