We are a crucial link in plastic recycling around the world 

Our business began back in 2005. Since then, we have developed a global reputation for being a responsible, transparent plastic recycling firm with a team that possesses a deep technical understanding of plastics and an authentic passion for building sustainable supply chains that contribute towards the circular economy.  

The demand for recycled content is growing as the deadline for APCO’s packaging targets draws closer. The four targets include: 

  • 100% of packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. 
  • 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted by 2025. 
  • 50% of average recycled content included in packaging by 2025. 
  • The phase out of problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging by 2025. 

Vanden is known for being one of the most trusted plastic recyclers to work with across the world with locations in Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, Turkey, Scandinavia and Dubai. We have access to a wide variety of end markets, offering consistent supply of recycled feedstock as well as providing consultation and training services, seeing us work alongside businesses such as Veolia Australia and Viterra Australia 

We believe that scrap plastic is a valuable commodity that should continue to re-enter supply chains. Based in Melbourne, with a customer base found across Australia, our team is recognised for the key role it plays within the plastics and recycling industry – raising awareness when it comes to the potential offered by recycled plastic.  

Buying, selling and recycling scrap plastic in Australia. 

Experts in global supply chain management, we secure consistent qualities of recycled plastic feedstocks in the form of baled commodities, Flakes, Regrind and Resin that meet unique technical requirements.  

We work with a range of manufacturers and suppliers who seek our expertise when it comes to recovering, buying and supplying recycled plastic. Our commitment to strict quality control processes means material inspections are a crucial part of our partnerships, contributing to the full traceability and visibility when it comes to the way that all scrap is handled throughout the business. 

We buy and sell over 100 grades of plastic material including PP, PET, HDPE and LDPE.  

To see the full list of materials we trade in, visit our Buy and Sell Plastic page.  

Please note that the minimum volume of material that we will collect is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.  

If this volume is produced by your business, please contact the team to learn more about working with Vanden. 

Consultation for sustainable supply chains and recycled content targets 

Our Australian team provides an expert consultation service.  Working alongside waste managers, plastic recyclers, brands and manufacturers, we help businesses and individuals to understand the plastic material that is currently used in their supply chain, as well as the recycled material that could offer further potential, ROI and enable them to meet recycled content targets. 

Our consultation services include bring-back schemes, or solutions that can be implemented to help meet the APCO 2025 packaging targets.  

Plastic recycling education and training 

We can organise and run bespoke education and training for teams, businesses, or operators in Australia, deepening delegates understanding of plastic material, including: 

  • Identification of material 
  • The importance of correct recovery, separation, and storage of recycled content  
  • The process of plastic recycling and the supply chain 
  • The role of recycled content in sustainable supply chains and diverting from landfill and oceans. 

You will also find a wealth of knowledge in videos uploaded to our Vanden Recycling YouTube channel.  

Where to find us:

Matu House, Level 1, 271 Para Road

Greensborough, VICTORIA, 3088


Telephone: +61 (0) 393189111 

Email: simon@vandenrecycling.com 

Our partnership starts here. Tell us a little about you and your requirements. 

It’s standard procedure for us to only collect material when the minimum volume is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.

We work with businesses to help them get true value from plastic scrap. If you are a consumer, looking for plastic recycling options, we recommend you speak with your local council.

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