Outsource the procurement of recycled resins to the experts

High quality recycled resins derived from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

We supply an extensive range of recycled resins, procured to meet the individual specification and technical requirements of your business.

> Recycled HDPE resin
> Recycled LDPE and LLDPE resin
> Recycled PET resin
> Recycled ABS resin

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We are experts in recycled supply chain management

This secures consistent supply. At Vanden, we work closely with you to provide a consistent supply of recycled granules or pellets that meet your technical requirements. Our service includes:

A diversified recycled supply chain to ensure continuity of supply

> Multiple sourcing points – feedstocks from various supply chains to improve supply security.
> Geographic diversity – sources from the global marketplace so you are not exposed to disruptions or market dynamics in only one region
> Feedstock diversity – ensure the feedstock of your material suppliers is stable and diverse. We understand the scrap supply chain better than anyone and will be likely supplying material used to create your recycled plastic feedstock.

Technical and quality control assessments & consultancy

> Factory & feedstock audits
> Trial management & quality control
> Ongoing technical assessments & TDS validation to ensure you always get the right product

Technical consultancy

> Consulting and technical advisory in recycled resins and feedstock
> Engaging with recyclers in process improvement, sourcing strategy or investment planning to produce recycled feedstocks that meet converter technical demands

Looking for clarity on the factors behind the price of recycled resin? Read our blog to learn more: Virgin resin price Vs. Recycled resin price.

Achieve sustainability

As well as meeting the requirements of new legislation, many businesses are striving to achieve high levels of sustainability and join the circular economy. The benefits of using recycled resin include:

> Reduced greenhouse emissions
> Reduced energy consumption
> Conservation of natural resources
> Reduced waste

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