PP – also known as polypropylene – is one of the most commonly produced and used plastics in the world. It is a versatile polymer which goes into many end-user goods, from car bumpers and pipes to machine parts and most notably, packaging for food and drinks. The versatility of PP comes from it being low density, flexible and easily coloured. This makes it appealing for several aesthetic choices in consumer products.

Yes. PP Plastic is suited to recycling – especially for post-industrial plastic waste and scrap.  The recycling number of PP is 5. Vanden buy, sell and reprocess polypropylene. This makes us well positioned to be part of a closed loop of plastic manufacturing and recycling. We can take your plastic waste and process it into reusable raw material.

Polypropylene is safe to use and reuse. It is an inert material which does not present a health concern, which is why it is often used in food and drinks packaging such as reusable food containers and single use yoghurt pots.

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