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> We can educate and make you understand what plastics are recyclable and of value.

> We can give valuable advice on how to segregate your plastics.

> We can help you get the best value out of your plastics.

> We are a trusted specialist who can offer full traceability.

> We help demonstrate your good recycling practice to brand partners and customers.

> You want to understand how to best treat your plastic scrap to maximise value & recoverability

> We provide transparency on where your waste ends up
> We will be a partner with licensed recycling firms with specialist accreditations

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> Importers

> Distributors

> Packers

> Wholesalers


Plastic recycling services for fruit and vegetable growers

Fruit and vegetable growers use a variety of plastic polymers in many forms, including LDPE film, PP/PE crates, PP/PE trays and PET punnets.

When these items are no longer required or in a useable condition, they are often thought of as plastic ‘scrap’ or waste, when they are in fact a high-value commodity and can generate another income for the business.

As the spotlight intensifies on supply chain sustainability, many fruit and veg growers in the UK are facing pressure from their customers to provide transparency and traceability with regards to where their plastic waste ends up.

As a licensed plastic recycling firm, we can offer this, as well as provide reliable collections that remove your plastic scrap, clearing the space for you, leaving you with room to maximise your core business. Once your material is collected, it is taken to our dedicated UK plastic reprocessing plant to be granulated, before re-entering the supply chain, creating a circular solution.

To learn more about the full range of plastic material that we collect and process, please see our buy and sell page.



Plastic recycling solutions for fruit and vegetable importers

We understand that due to the demands and requirements of the supermarket chains, you are often required to move the fresh produce to retailer-approved plastic packaging, leaving you with a high volume of redundant plastic items.

Items such as LDPE film, plastic crates and PET punnets can provide another revenue stream for your business, and in using a licensed and dedicated plastic recycling firm, you are able to provide brands and retailers with full transparency with regards to how your plastic scrap is dealt with, and your contribution to creating circular solutions.

We understand that as brands and supermarkets make changes to packaging, you can be left with unused, redundant rolls of PP film. It is a common misconception that this material is not recyclable – this message may even be printed on the material itself. PP film is recyclable, and Vanden are one of the few plastic recycling firms that take PP film.

Once collected, your plastic scrap is taken to our UK plastic recycling plant, where it is granulated and delivered to plastic manufacturers and converters, creating closed-loop supply chains.

Part of our full-service offering is to work with you, offering reliable collections of your plastic waste and also space saving solutions, allowing you to easily segregate the polymers to secure ROI, without having to sacrifice core business space.

To view the full range of plastics that Vanden Recycling trade in, please visit our buy and sell page.



Fruit and vegetable distribution plastic recycling services

When working with brands and retailers, it’s crucial that you partner with plastic recycling experts that can offer you reliable, transparent solutions that prove your commitment to sustainable supply chains.

At Vanden recycling, we can work with you to provide a reliable service that aids you in segregating your plastic scrap, increasing its value and securing a new revenue stream for your business, as well as providing full reporting for transparency purposes.

By partnering with a plastic recycling expert, you can introduce new processes and practices into your business to ensure that items such as plastic crates, PET punnets and LDPE film provide ROI, while reliable collections at intervals that suit your business means that your space isn’t impacted.


To learn more about Vanden, and what we offer, you can take a look here.



Plastic recycling and collections services for fruit and vegetable packing businesses

With mounting pressure from brands, retailers and the public, now is the time to partner with a licenced plastic recycling expert, like Vanden. In doing so, you can to ensure that you are dealing with your plastic waste in a sustainable and responsible way, guaranteeing that the material re-enters the supply chain, contributing to the UK’s plastic recycling infrastructure.

As an accredited plastic reprocessor, we can provide you with accurate weighbridge tickets and reporting for auditing purposes and guarantee a reliable service when it comes to our collections and our payments for materials.  We believe that our upfront, honest and transparent approach to all that we do sets us apart from other waste management providers.

It’s likely that has changes are made to packaging, packhouses are left with unused PP film, commonly thought of as a material that cannot be recycled. Often, the material itself is printed with this message. PP film is plastic material that can be recycled, and Vanden is one of few businesses that remove it.

Recycling your PET, PP and LDPE film scrap, PET punnets and PP/PE crates allows you to secure another revenue stream for your business by leverage your plastic scrap and redundant plastic items, while timely collections mean that your core business isn’t obstructed by plastic scrap.

To discover more about the full range of plastic material that we collection and recycle, take a look at our buy and sell page.



Reliable plastic recycling solutions for fruit and vegetable wholesalers

We understand that many fruit and vegetable wholesalers have switched to cardboard packaging in order to meet the demand for sustainable materials, due to the public perception of plastic. However, when the material is treated properly, it can enter the supply chain time and time again, helping to build a circular economy.

Plastic scrap generated by fruit and vegetable wholesalers is a valuable commodity, and one that can secure ROI, generating a revenue stream for the business. At Vanden recycling, we can arrange timely collections of plastic crates, trays, film and punnets in a variety of polymers including, but not limited to, LDPE, PET, PP and PE.

Part of our service offering include accurate reporting, weighbridge tickets, and full transparency, enabling you to be confident that you are operating a sustainable business, by making sure your plastic scrap is ending up in the right place – something only a certified recycling business can offer.

To learn more about Vanden Recycling and our processes, please take a look at our approach and processes.



Balers and split loads

To further reduce impact on floor space, and increase the opportunity for rebates, we can provide you with equipment that enable you to densify material. Our split load collection means that you aren’t required to fill a lorry load with only type of plastic. To learn more about the space you can save using balers – please watch this video.

If you would like to discover more about how Vanden could help you transform your plastic scrap into a commodity that provides consistent value, please contact us today.

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