We provide a reliable plastic recycling service to waste managers and recyclers

We work with waste managers and recyclers by collecting and recycling more than 100 grades of scrap material, helping you to secure a consistent and reliable revenue stream from plastic scrap. To view the range of plastic that we trade in, take a look at our Buy and Sell Plastic page.

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We have a global presence

You can find our offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Finland, Turkey, UAE and Australia, alongside our recycling facility in Cambridgeshire, England.

Our worldwide presence gives Vanden a unique edge because we’re the crucial link between waste generators and plastic product manufacturers, right around the globe. Put simply – there are no middlemen: you benefit from global markets and local supply chains, with one point of contact.   Add in the fact we offer reliable payment and on-time collections of scrap, it’s clear why many waste managers choose to work with Vanden Recycling to deal with their plastic scrap.

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How does Vanden cater to waste management & recycling companies?

Local supply chain with global end markets

We have operations in the UK, Finland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Australia and UAE and this means that we have access to global end markets that are looking for a range of scrap material. Alongside that, for UK-based waste managers, our UK team and dedicated plastic recycling facility in Cambridgeshire helps businesses to localise their supply chain.

Keep your scrap moving with a tailored logistics service

We provide timely and reliable collection.

In doing so, valuable yard space can be used for its intended purposes, and not storing plastic scrap. All of this is vital in keeping your business functioning at its optimum level.

We can help you improve the value of your plastic scrap

Part of our process is to visit your site, assessing your material and operations. If we spot areas that can be changed to improve the value of the material, we’ll tell you.

To learn about improving the way you deal with your scrap plastic, and the value you receive for it, speak with a member of the Vanden team today by filling out our contact form.

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