Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS, is often used for the housing and ergonomic elements of a number of domestic appliances and household objects – from computer keyboards to luggage.

The advantages of ABS plastic are its relatively low melting point and glass transition temperature, making ABS easy to melt down and use in injection moulding. This makes it versatile for a great number of applications. Products and components made from ABS offer high impact and heat resistance as well as strong tensile strength.

ABS can also be finished to a huge range of styles including colour and surface texture options, and its lower density means it is lightweight.

ABS plastics are recyclable – this includes sheets, shower trays, car parts, skeletal waste and ABS pipe. Recycled ABS is becoming increasingly popular as raw ABS can be expensive to use in manufacturing. The recycled ABS plastic that Vanden can supply is segregated according to material origin.

ABS plastic is safe and non-toxic, despite some of the individual elements of it being potentially dangerous. ABS is “non-leaching” meaning that there’s no way for any of the polymer’s elements to get into food, water or soil. If you need further assurance, remember that LEGO and Babybjorn both use ABS in their products.

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