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We have specific information on our solutions for food manufacturers, plastic manufacturers, plastic converters, businesses in the fruit and veg sector and waste managers – but these aren’t the only sectors we work with.

Are you a business producing plastic scrap and feel that you aren’t maximising its true value? Or is it time for you to introduce a traceable, sustainable plastic recycling solution? If so, keep reading below to see the ways Vanden can help you.

Since 2005, we have amassed a global team of experts, who are passionate about plastic recycling. We don’t view plastic scrap as ‘waste’ – we view it as a valuable commodity that can be reprocessed into high-quality feedstock.


Our Own Plastic Recycling Facility

Our dedicated plastic recycling facility can be found in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK. The site operates in a unique way. We are committed to transparency, each load is labelled with detailed information, ensuring full traceability throughout its journey through the facility.

Suppliers are provided with accurate reports, detailed packing lists and weighbridge tickets to help with compliance.

You can learn more about our process from start to finish here.

Our suppliers and partners often visit our Peterborough site to witness our operations, we encourage you to do the same.

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Accredited Plastic Recyclers

We strive to uphold our legal responsibilities and that’s why we boast full compliance at a local, national and international level.

This includes registration with bodies such as the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, British Plastics Association, hold multiple ISO’s and are accredited exporters of packing waste.

For full details, please visit our compliance page.



Expert team

Proud to be experts in plastic recycling, the Vanden team spans seven countries. This means we have an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw on, when it comes to materials industry sectors, international markets and legalisation.

We want to build long-lasting partnerships that maximise the value of plastic scrap. This is why we will work alongside your business and offer advice and guidance on the correct way to segregate, store and handle your material to secure its value.

If you have a question, Vanden can provide an answer, and a solution.


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Commitment to Quality

We take transforming plastic scrap seriously. To ensure we produce high-quality recycled plastic that can re-enter the supply chain, we go to great lengths to ensure the quality of the material that both enters and leaves our facility.

From the initial stages of inspecting supplier sites, to regular material inspection and attending loadings, to our internal strict quality checking processes – we can confidently say that Vanden produce high quality material.

We have a number of articles that detail our processes in our Knowledge Centre.

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