Why should you choose to partner with a plastic recycling specialist like Vanden? 

> You want to work with a trusted specialist who can offer full traceability.

> Your products require secure destruction.

> You want to demonstrate your good recycling practice to brand partners and customers.

> Your business requires a speedy collection to enable you to save space and focus on your core business.

> You require neat, space-saving stillages to ensure your premises aren’t

> You need fast & accurate weight tickets to meet your reporting obligations quickly


> Bespoke Rigid packaging

> Cards and Labels

> CNC Cutting

> Film

> Signage and POS display

> Die Cutting

> Thermoforming

> Vacuum Forming

> Printing

> Roll Slitting



Plastic recycling solutions for Bespoke Rigid and Die Cut packaging

There has been much emphasis placed on the lack of recycling infrastructure and end markets that are currently in place for plastic packaging in the commercial and industrial sectors. However, we are seeing a new era whereby packaging is being innovatively designed to minimise environmental impact and be sustainable.

Some parts of the plastic packaging sector can generate between 8-20% wastage, and considering the cost of prime polymer materials, this has a major impact on profit margins for converters of rigid plastic packaging. Through its recycling service, Vanden offer a way to reduce the impact of scrap or waste on your bottom line. With timely and reliable collections that suit your business, as well as offering space saving stillages that mean your floor space is maximised and business operations aren’t impacted between collections.

We can aid packaging manufacturers in creating sustainable supply chain solutions using scrap PP, ABS, PC, PET, PS, HIPS, PVC or PMMA. We work with your supply chain to ensure your scrap has a circular solution. At Vanden, we can also help tell your recycling and sustainability story to your customers or brand owners through video content creation.

For full information on the polymers we collect and regrind, please see here.


Secure plastic recycling for cards and label manufacturers

Due to the sensitive nature of information printed on items such as credit cards, loyalty and gift cards, hotel key cards and horticultural labels, manufacturers are understandably concerned about the security of destruction of these products.

We have the expertise and facilities to collect and reprocess polymers including PVC, PP, PET and PS, in the form of skeletal waste, offcuts, shreds and sheets.

Our split load collections remove the pain of scrap plastic or redundant stock impacting space for core business. Coupled with this is the fact that we are fully licensed and audited and provide full weight reporting and detailed We can also offer the added value service of telling your sustainability story to your partners and customers through creating video content to be used in marketing campaigns, websites & sales presentations.

Vanden’s dedicated skeletal waste scheme aims to assist sheet and product manufacturers to locate new, reliable sources of high-quality recovered polymers from within the supply chain, creating closed-loop solutions.

CNC cutting plastic recycling services

Advances in technology has increased the level of accuracy achieved by CNC machinery, but naturally, plastic waste will still occur.

The plastic offcuts and skeletal plastic by-products produced via the CNC cutting and milling process are often thought of as plastic waste. However, we at Vanden believe that this scrap plastic can be a valuable part of the supply chain.

By offering space-saving stillages that fit right next to production lines, polymers can be correctly segregated at source and we can work with firms to aid them in recovering their scrap plastic, securing full ROI on the material and allowing them to maximise their core space.

We collect HDPE, PA, PC, PET, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC & ABS offcuts or trimmings. We arrange collections according to your business requirements and ensure you have full transparency on where your scrap material ends up. To learn more about the full list of polymers we collect and regrind, please see our buy and sell page.

Plastic recycling services for plastic film

The wide range of applications that plastic film is used for, means there are a variety of polymers used in its manufacturing. WRAP has previously estimated that 1.2 million tonnes of plastic film from packaging enters the waste stream in the UK each year, and that one-third of this is from commercial, agricultural and industrial sources.

At Vanden, our hands-on approach enables firms that are manufacturing and dealing with plastic film to apply effective segregation methods that enable the plastic recycling process to begin whilst maximising commercial value. We collect and recycle polymers including LDPE, HDPE, PE/PA, PE/PP & PP Films (for our exhaustive list, please see our buy and sell page) enabling firms to secure ROI from scrap plastic or redundant stock. Our vertical baler solutions mean that your plastic scrap won’t impact valuable floor space or your core business. Any Purge waste is collected in our space saving stillages and can be toll processed so you can reuse in your production lines again.

Plastic recycling solutions for signage and POS display

Plastic is used heavily in retail display and signage, and production of these items by sign-makers and POS manufacturers often produce sheet scrap, CNC offcuts, trimmings and redundant items, while retail display hardware naturally reaches end-of-life.

Vanden arrange timely and convenient collections and reprocess polymers used in signage and display including PC, PET, PP, PMMA (acrylic), PS & PVC in all forms. We enable manufacturers and converters to create circular solutions and secure ROI from plastic scrap. Even real estate signage scrap from PP Corex has a reliable recycling solution. Please see our buy and sell page to discover more about the full range of material that we collect and recycle at our dedicated plant.

We provide a transparent service, including full reporting, accurate weighbridge tickets and secure destruction where required.

To find out more information about how Vanden could help your business turn your plastic scrap into a valuable, sustainable commodity, speak with us today.


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