Our presence in global plastics markets offers solutions for plastic recyclers in Finland 

Finland boasts a plastic packaging recycling rate of 27%, but its goal to reach the rate of 50% means that more than ever, it’s vital for plastic recyclers and manufacturers to work with supply chain partners that can offer a consistent, reliable service.  

That’s where Vanden can help. 

A responsible and transparent plastic recycling service in Finland  

We have been trading in plastics since 2005, having grown into a global operation that has access to multiple end markets, connecting worldwide plastic supply and demand. Our commitment to adhering to strict processes and creating a customer-centric business has seen us gain a reputation for being a responsible, reliable and transparent recycler.  

Our Scandinavian representative  based in Riihimaki, Finland works in close co-operation with local and national recyclers, as well as neighbouring regions Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, assisting them in finding suitable outlets for their recycled resins and scrap plastic.  

We are accredited at local, national and international levels, offering peace of mind that your material is being dealt with responsibly, re-entering the supply chain and building a circular economy.  


Woffer reliable supply of recycled resins 

Our recycled resin division connects converters and manufacturers in Finland and Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a consistent, reliable supply of high-quality recycled resins and flakes derived from post-consumer and post-industrial waste 

We can supply:  

  • Recycled HDPE resin 
  • Recycled LDPE and LLDPE resin 
  • Recycled PET flakes 

Vanden’s technical team offer both technical and quality control consultancy that include feedstock audits, trial management and TDS validation. We can also assist in process improvement, sourcing strategy and investment planning.  

Learn more about our dedicated division: Recycled resins 

You can see the full list of materials that we trade in, hereBuy and sell plastic  

Please note that the minimum volume of material that we will collect is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.  

If this volume is produced by your business, please contact the team to learn more about working with Vanden. 

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