At Vanden, we want to create plastic recycling partnerships. Our commitment to adding value to your supply chain extends beyond a traditional supplier-customer relationship, and we strive to work alongside your business to ensure you are achieving the maximum return from your scrap plastic, transforming it into a valued commodity.

When you engage our consultation services, we give you a clear path to a solution with impact.

Benchmarking – Where are you NOW?

> An initial site assessment allows us to identify your current solutions when it comes to waste and recycling.

> We work with you to define your goals for a new recycling solution.

> We will evaluate your limitations with regards to physical space, current process and resources.
>From this visit, we will make our recommendations.

Creating the strategy

From the information gathered from our site assessment, your recycling strategy will contain the following;

> A set of defined, desired outcomes.

> The equipment required to achieve these, such as stillage and balers.

> What the key measurables are for your business.

> The training and education that will be delivered across the facilities to ensure the outcomes are achieved.

> Our plan to create an environmental mentor within the business.


> We strive to deliver comprehensive and consistent communication with your team to create team buy-in.

> We will deliver the education outlined in the strategy document to reinforce the new solution and underpin any new activity that is required from the team.

> New equipment is installed, if required, alongside new processes and procedures.



Evaluate Your Limitations

What is not being continuously measured, cannot be continuously improved, which is why we periodically re-evaluate the solutions that have been implemented.

> To ensure that your new solution is yielding results, we will revisit our initial assessment.

> We will measure the results and review the impact the new solutions have had so far.

> Using this information, we will identify areas that provide an opportunity for more improvement.

Total ownership

As your recycling partners, we take ownership for the role we play in helping you to achieve your desired outcomes. Our systems, processes, training and education are all aligned to ensure you take control of your waste and recycling. This also includes:

> The total engagement of all staff

> Meeting your targets and being accountable

> Creating content to leverage your sustainability, to demonstrate your commitment to your customers and supply-chain partners.

Train your staff

To recognise and separate valuable plastic waste.

Reduce contamination

To maximise the value of your plastics and the amount that can be recycled.

Improve production

To reduce waste being generated unnecessarily.

Better storage

To win back valuable space and create a safer, professional working space.


Understand exactly what happens to your plastics, how they are being treated and what they’re made into.


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