“The good thing being with Vanden is polyethylene is recycled and we know Vanden are dealing with this in a responsible manner….We used to do all our recycling ourselves with our own granulator which is a laborious and slow process and since we’ve been on board with Vanden we’ve managed to eliminate a full process”
Pyranha – Dean Robertson
“Thamesdown and Vanden Recycling have been working together for over 5 years now and we’ve developed a great working, trusting relationship. All of the staff are helpful and considerate to your needs as well as being able to offer great advice when it is required. With such a great, family-like relationship we look forward to working alongside the Vanden team in the years to come. Vanden are a credit to the plastic recycling industry”
Brendan Carash and Rosie Freeth – Thamesdown Recycling
“Vanden has been a reliable customer to Veolia Australia for over 10 years. They spend time working with our people on the ground to ensure we have multiple end markets and can achieve the maximum value for the varied commodities we produce.”
Veolia Australia
“Vanden has been a valued plastic partner for J.J. Richards for a number of years. They have provided local, sustainable end markets and by working with them we have also gained access to their extensive international markets.”
J.J Richards & Sons
“The times I have spoken with Vanden they have been very helpful and provide a reliable service, allowing us to dispose of our waste in an environmentally sustainable manner”
Jeff Cowan, Viterra Australia
“They are really helpful and always looking for feedback on their services to help them continuously improve. The entire site feels a sense of accomplishment knowing they are helping the environment through the recycling service Vanden are able to provide.”
Andrea Wishart (Operations, Bowmans Group)
“The invoicing process is straightforward and there are no delays which makes it easy to tidy up with no chase ups”
Deb Binka (Administrator, Central Region)
“I have found the service provided by Vanden very reliable and more importantly immensely helpful in assisting our sites meet our company environmental goals and values. The communication provided throughout the entire process is what I value most, from organising the collection through to the downstream reporting of where our plastic has been reused.”
Benjamin Koch (Safety, Health & Environment Advisor – Environment)
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