At Vanden, we are passionate about plastic recycling, and changing the wider perception that plastic is in fact, a valuable material that powers future manufacturing and is anything but ‘waste’.

In order to engage the entire business, and add value to our customers, we have developed a clear mission and vision that determines our direction, and acts as a reminder as to why Vanden exists. Alongside this, we created a set of core values that support our vision and shape our culture.

Living the Vanden Values is a key part of our culture. Our Values were created by the people in the business. Over a 6-month period in early 2018 we brought all our teams together to determine what it meant to be part of this team.

Through a combination of telling stories of colleagues in action and establishing the type of environment we want to create, our six core values were born!


The Vanden mission

Vanden make recycling part of the supply chain, to optimise the use of plastics. We add value and educate our team and customers as we go.


The Vanden vision

To be the company that creates the most value from plastic waste. Producing quality commodities and products or empowering others to do so.


Vanden Family Values



We pull together as one unit, not just with those in front of us, but with all of our colleagues spanning multiple continents and cultures. We seek honesty and excellence to bring out the best in each other and do so without ego. Our collective knowledge and willingness to question is our superpower.


Add Value

In absolutely everything we do. We add value to our people, customers and product through constant education and optimisation. Vanden exceeds expectations in the Service of our customers, using each encounter as an opportunity to sharpen our skills and add more value than anyone else. When in doubt, we ask ourselves – “Am I adding value?”



Challenge ourselves and each other to learn new things and improve our skills. Be curious and industrious to redefine the boundaries of our knowledge, service and market. We’re proud of our battle scars as our failures will always be the greatest opportunity for growth.



Never afraid to get our hands dirty! We take pride in exercising absolute ownership over the outcome of every task or challenge. We appreciate the power of forming a plan before taking action and jump at the opportunity to take the bull by the horns when we do.


Enjoy the Ride

It only happens once! We can’t always be serious and limit ourselves to be “business as usual”, so we encourage everyone to put their personalities into everything they do.



Live everyday with an attitude of gratitude!

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