> Reclaim valuable space for your business

> Your plastic scrap retains value

> Work towards a closed loop supply chain or circular economy

> Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

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Recycle your plastic scrap and reap the rewards

Food production lines will always produce materials or items not suitable for use or sale. Whether it’s due to insufficient quality, an error in the production process or a change in packaging, production scrap is a fact of life in food production.

However, plastic scrap collection and recycling is not an arduous task. In fact, as well as being a potential new source of revenue, it can bring a host of benefits.

Why partner with Vanden?

Manage end-of-life plastic

We collect redundant stock, end-of-life boxes, bottles, buckets, crates, corex, dolavs, film, pallets, pots, trays and tubs.

We offer split load collection

We can collect split loads of multiple material types in one collection, meaning you do not need to fill an entire lorry load of one polymer type. We process 30 metric tonnes of plastic every day, including ABS, PA, PC, PE, PET, PP, PS and PVC. You can see the full list of plastic that we reprocess and trade here.

Our large fleet of logistics partners means that we can offer fast and reliable collections, often within 48-72 hours.

Fast and accurate reporting

Our certified weighbridge tickets and accurate reporting mean that you can have confidence you are receiving the right value for your scrap and can confidently meet auditing and compliance requirements.

Learn more about our process here.


We are extremely proud of our dedicated plastic recycling facility, state-of-the-art equipment, rigorous processes.

Not to forget our committed team of experts, who take the utmost pride in what they do. We are transparent in all that we do and welcome site visits, so that individuals can see for themselves how the plant operates and the people that make it happen.

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Your business benefits when you partner with Vanden

Working with Vanden to optimise your plastic scrap recycling is a simple and efficient process. We will work with you at every step to ensure you are gaining the most value from your scrap. By assessing your plastic feedstock, we can determine how to develop your existing supply chain into a closed-loop recycling solution.

We will even train your staff on how to properly segregate and store your scrap and why it’s so important.


Reclaim your space

By optimising the storage of plastic scrap with the use of fold-down stillages (ideal for use next to your production lines), balers and other space-saving storage options, you maximise the space available for your production.



Your plastic scrap retains value

Your plastic waste is not waste at all, but a valuable commodity and should be treated as such. Our UK plastic recycling plant transforms plastic scrap and offcuts into commodities, creating closed-loop supply chains.

Vanden will review and optimise your processes to extract the most value from your food and drink production scrap.



Show your sustainability story

Sustainability can be a powerful foundation from which to take your business to the next level.

When you work with Vanden, not only do you receive an excellent service with unrivalled traceability and high standards, but you also gain a partner with whom you can develop your business’ sustainability.

Our video production team can even work with you to promote our partnership and your efforts to improve sustainability and recycling rates through our marketing channels.

If you would like to learn more about how Vanden can help you secure revenue, create circular solutions and demonstrate sustainability, speak to us today.

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