Why should you choose to partner with a plastic recycling specialist like Vanden?

> You want to find solutions to maximise floor space for core business

> You want to understand how to best treat your plastic scrap to maximise value & recoverability

> You want to secure a sustainable source of reliable, high-quality recovered polymers from within your supply chain

> You want to secure a ROI from redundant stock

> You want to meet demand for recycled material in your products

> You want to provide transparency with regards to where your waste ends up

> You want to partner with licensed recycling firms with specialist accreditation’s


> Thermoforming

> Vacuum forming

> Extrusion (including Pipe Extrusion, Profile Extrusion and Sheet Extrusion)

> Moulding (including Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Rotational Moulding, Roto Moulding, In Mould Labelling and IML)

Plastic recycling solutions for the thermoforming process

Plastic trimmings, offcuts and skeletal waste produced as by-products of the thermoforming process can be cumbersome and a drain on resource for those firms granulating in-house, while redundant stock of plastic trays, tubs and pots can take up valuable space, while failing to provide a return.

At Vanden, we can arrange reliable, timely collections to collect plastic waste produced in the thermoforming process, including ABS, HDPE, PET, PP, PS and PVC. For further information about the range of polymers we can reprocess, you can take a look at our buy and sell page.

More than this, we can create a mutual partnership, providing space saving stillages and balers that mean your business saves valuable space, while also adding value to your supply chain and even creating a closed loop that secures you a reliable source of quality feedstock.



Vacuum forming plastic recycling services

Plastic offcuts, sheets from redundant stock or skeletal waste – these are all examples of valuable material that may have previously been thought of as plastic waste.

We understand that there is huge demand for vacuum forming companies to include more recycled content in the products they are manufacturing. By partnering with Vanden, firms can create closed-loop solutions using scrap PP, ABS, PC, PET, PS, HIPS, PVC, PMMA, meaning you can stop relying on internationally sourced recycled plastic, giving you back control.  To learn more about the polymers we collect and regrind, please see here.

Stillages and balers align with your production lines, allowing for easy segregation, while our collections can be arranged to suit your business needs.


Recycling plastic scrap from the extrusion process

As a high-volume manufacturing process, extrusion operations naturally generate plastic scrap such as lumps (or purge waste), offcuts and production scrap. For example, whole plastic pipes, profiles or sheets.

Some of this scrap can be difficult to recycle in-house because the size and density requires specialist equipment. Vanden is set up to deal with awkward shapes and sizes such as large pipes and heavy plastic lumps.

Economically, it is critical to recycle this scrap and have it re-enter the supply chain exclusively, or to be mixed with virgin material to counter-act any degradation the polymer has been subjected to throughout the extrusion process.

Vanden can work with extrusion firms to evaluate and find a solution that will not only collect plastic scrap efficiently, but also return pure granulated plastic back for remanufacture if required. We collect and recycle polymers such as PP, HDPE, PE80, PE100, PVC and ABS, aiding your business in creating closed-loop solutions or simply keeping your factory clear of scrap. You can find out more about all of the polymers we re-process here.


Plastic recycling initiatives for moulding processes

Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding & Rotational Moulding companies all produce unique and varied streams of plastic scrap. Vanden recycles a wide range of polymers, even multi-layers such as PE/EVOH fuel tanks or PE/PA films, glass filled plastics (GF) and fire-retardant material (FR). Our team will put systems in place to assist with material separation at source, train your staff on what to do and why it’s important.

At Vanden, we collect and recycle the following plastics, used across blow, injection and rotational moulding industries; LDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, HDPE, MDPE, ABS, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PET, PP, PVC. For a full list of the plastics we re-process, please see our buy and sell page.

We understand that the classification process is extremely important so that the plastics can be used appropriately in different applications. We have strict policies and processes in place to eliminate contamination between products, including quality control processes such as MFI testing.


To find out more information about how Vanden could help your business turn your plastic scrap into a valuable, sustainable commodity, speak with us today.

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