We believe that plastic is a valuable commodity. 

We are known across the UK for being an honest, transparent, and responsible recycler of plastic material. Our strict tracing processes provide us, and our customers, with full transparency and visibility of the trade and recycling process – making us one of the most trusted plastic recycling companies in Europe, and across the globe, connecting worldwide supply and demand. 

Plastic manufacturers in the UK are facing increasing demand from brands, retailers, and consumers when it comes to both the inclusion of recycled content in their products and their efforts towards closed-loop recycling and building a sustainable supply chain.  

Our UK team are based across the UK and our dedicated plastic reprocessing plant is in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Vanden’s global footprint means we can stay one step ahead.  

What plastic recycling services do we offer?

There are three divisions within Vanden.

Plastic recycling – Our plastic recycling service begins with us visiting a customer’s site to assess the quantity and quality of their material. This allows us to see where we can make a positive impact on onsite recovery and storage – as well as the supply chain and waste stream. After material is collected, we always provide certified weighbridge tickets and detailed packing lists for audit and compliance purposes. This material is reprocessed into a commodity and dispatched for manufacturing. 

Learn more about this division here: Recycle Plastic

Buying & selling plastic – We have been buying and selling more than 100 grades of plastic since 2005 and have extensive knowledge and experience in international end markets. We work with manufacturers and suppliers who want to both recover and sell recycled plastic. Helping to build sustainable supply chains and a circular economy. 

Our strict processes mean that we have full visibility and traceability on the journey the material takes – leaving the customer safe in the knowledge their material ends up in the right place, and not in the environment or landfill.  

Learn more about this division here: Buy and Sell Plastic

Recycled resins – Experts in recycled supply chain management, we offer reliable supply of high-quality recycled resins derived from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The materials we supply are procured to meet the individual specification and technical requirements of your business. 

Learn more about this division here: Recycled Resins 

What plastics do we deal in?

We trade in over 100 grades of scrap plastic, including: 

  • ABS 
  • EPS 
  • HDPE 
  • MDPE 
  • PA 
  • PC 
  • PET 
  • PMMA 
  • PP 
  • PS 
  • PVC 
  • Specialist plastic such as PE/PA, TPE, TPO etc  

Our UK Recycling facility  

When possible – we have an open-door policy to our site and encourage all of our prospective customers and connections to arrange a site visit, learning more about our processes and seeing our commitment to strict quality control in action. 

Arrange a visit 

You will find our site at:

Aaron Road Industrial Estate 




PE7 2EX 

Our partnership starts here. Tell us a little about you and your requirements. 

It’s standard procedure for us to only collect material when the minimum volume is 5 metric tonnes or half a truck. If storage of your scrap while you build this volume is a concern, we can arrange the right storage solution for your business, meaning you can claim back valuable space and maintain safer working space.

We work with businesses to help them get true value from plastic scrap. If you are a consumer, looking for plastic recycling options, we recommend you speak with your local council.

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