Optimise your use of recycled plastics in flexible packaging films with Vanden.

We help converters and plastic manufacturers access a reliable supply of high-quality recycled resins to meet new legislative and CSR targets.

Our solutions for flexible packaging manufacturers include:

> Delivering certainty on the consistency of recycled resin supply
> Delivering certainty on quality of recycled feedstock
> Complete outsourced recycled plastic procurement, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Vanden’s recycled resin division is enhancing the circular economy, helping customers around the world, to develop a diversified, recycled supply chain to ensure continuity of supply.

Our position as a collector, supplier and recycler of scrap materials globally, gives us the unique ability to access quality recycled plastics all over the world. Providing customers with the option for geographic diversity (multiple sourcing points regionally or globally). Our service incorporates technical validation of recycled materials to ensure they meet required standards prior to delivery, no matter where they are from.

We can confidently say Vanden can minimise the impact of market disruptions and ensure a stable and diverse supply of recycled content for your packaging.

Since 2005, Vanden has collected and supplied scrap films for recycling, producing over 200kt of recycled feedstock to converters in over 20 countries, across three continents. Our bespoke systems and standardised practices have been developed specifically for the scrap and recycled resins market.

By partnering with recyclers around the world, we jointly develop the quality of recycled resins to match converter feedstock requirements.

We’re delivering certainty in the uncertain world of recycled plastics.

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“Together with our partners – we are developing a solid and widescale solution portfolio of recycled plastic resins for the flexible packaging segment. Vanden materials will only be derived from recycled feedstocks, enhancing the conversion from linear to the circular economy and reducing the tonnage of valuable plastics ending up in landfills”

What Vanden offers flexible packaging manufacturers

We’re your outsourced purchasing function for recycled resins with global reach

We collaborate with manufacturers of flexible packaging to provide consistent supply of the best-fitting recycled resins. Multipoint sourcing improves supply security. We provide consultation and technical advisory services in recycled resins and feedstock. This sees our team engaging with recyclers in process improvement, sourcing strategy, or investment planning to produce recycled feedstocks that meet converter technical demands.

Our technical assessment and supply source validation includes:

> Factory and feedstock audits
> Trial management and quality control
> Ongoing technical assessments & TDS validation, to ensure you always get the right product

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Recycled resin grades

Polymer type Colours available MFI Range (ISO 1133 g/10min) Density range (ISO 1183 g/cm3)
rLDPE Natural, honey color, white, grey, black, blue, yellow 0.3-15 0.91-0.94
rLLDPE Natural, honey color, white 1.0-4.0 0.91-0.925
rHDPE Natural, color, black 0.6-10 0.93-0.97
rPP Natural, color, black 0.5-12 0.90-0.92


Tailored solutions also available in:
> rABS
> rPET
> rPS

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