Vanden Recycling has appointed Paul Scott as Business Development Manager to help target the thermoforming and vacuum forming sectors.

Paul joins Vanden with more than 35 years in the plastic manufacturing and packaging sector and was a key part of the team at Marks and Spencer that established the feasibility of using recycled plastic (rPET) in food packaging.

He added: “I am a huge exponent of recovering and recycling plastic waste and I have always been. Plastics are wrongly getting a lot of bad press because the world in general doesn’t know how to handle them for future uses. Being part of Vanden, a business that has set out not only to instigate this process but also to advise, educate and assist companies to do the right thing, ticks all the boxes for me.”

David Wilson, Managing Director of Vanden UK, said the business was very happy with the appointment of Paul whose prior experience will help Vanden meet the needs

“He’s got depth of knowledge, experience and a great track record in exactly the sectors we want to penetrate. While he’s been used to selling raw material into the thermoforming and vacuum forming sectors, that’s exactly what we are looking for because he has great insight into the scrap they produce and the needs of those sectors.”

Paul added: “My knowledge of the UK food packaging industry is extensive and the result of a lot of years in that arena. Most of the big players in the industry have now equipped themselves and adopted recycling strategies. My hope and intention is to enable the SMEs in this sector, without the knowledge or the facilities, to match the bigger companies by using Vanden’s services.”

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