Research released last year found that Saudi Arabia and UAE had gained a status of one of the world’s largest waste producers. As a result of this, the government were forced to act and quickly announced initiatives that would see the country reach a diversion rate of 75% by 2021.

The current recycling rate is less than 10% in the region, whereas established recycling ecosystems exceed 35% recycling rates. Saudi Arabia and UAE have a lot of catching up to do.

In order to achieve these goals, there is an urgent need for sustainable recovery systems and a structured approach. With our extensive knowledge of polymers, markets and processes, Vanden can help the ecosystem achieve these targets.

Our strong belief that plastic ‘waste’ is a commodity that creates sustainable circular supply chains means that Vanden is well positioned to support the needs of this region. Opportunities in the UAE and GCC are obvious with the low recycling rates and high waste generation. We believe Vanden will be a leader, bringing reliable solutions, enhancing the current recycling approach and supporting efforts to create a circular economy.

Operating as Vanden Recycling FZCO in the region, Vanden will support the recycling ecosystem, acting as a leader and offering expertise on recyclables, increasing awareness and creating value. Scaling up a recycling ecosystem in a short period of time will be only be achievable with experts in the field.

Vanden will be working hand-in-hand as a partner with local chain elements of the region’s recycling ecosystem.

The entire Vanden team have worked hard to create a dynamic and supportive environment. This has made it possible to empower the team located in Dubai to explore valuable opportunities in plastic waste and recycling in UAE & GCC region.

One member of that team is business development manager, Beril Yesilirmak. Beril joined Vanden in June of this year and is responsible for generating our market position in the GCC region and Middle East. This will include building up effective networks to reach long-term partnerships with suppliers and developing a secure and diverse customer base.

“It’s imperative that we increase the awareness about the importance and the opportunities for plastic scrap and waste in the region with Vanden solutions. I will be placing a focus on developing procurement of recycled plastic resins from GCC markets to be sold to Asia, Europe and Turkey.”

The Vanden company structure is well established, covering all the needs of the different markets. Access to all the required information and know-how has never been easier for our international teams.

Beril has also commented on the value she has found in our company values and structure,

“Vanden’s values and the structure of the company are playing a crucial role in the growing team. There is an emphasis placed on bringing standardised criteria and supporting the ecosystem with a much more reliable approach to recyclables. Team work, adding value, growth, ownership, enjoying the ride and gratefulness are values that are involved in everyday processes that leads to enhancing success of the team.”

Some of the key objectives for the business development managers will be contributing to, and supporting, a high awareness on the recycling solutions that are available. Vanden will be working to communicate our recognisable value-added approach to suppliers and customers, creating long term partnerships in the region as we become a leading solutions provider that enhances the plastic recycling ecosystem in the region.

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